Relocation Services Strohmayer offers the full range of services required to ensure a successful, problem free relocation. Let our highly qualified counselors guide you through the process of successfully welcoming the new global talent into your local team.


In the briefing you will get a first glimpse of what to expect when moving your talent to Austria. It is an essential part of our service to help you find the best solution for each individual situation.

Residence permit

Dealing with the local authorities is our job. Based on our knowledge and years of experience we will collect and prepare the necessary documents, organize the official translations and submit the papers to the right office. We accompany your employees to the local authorities and also provide guidelines for embassy visits abroad. A constant follow up on each case is of course part of our service. We guide you and your candidate through each step in the process.

Work permit

In order to start work as soon as possible, filing for a work permit is crucial. The application and all the necessary steps leading up to it, will be handled by your Immigration Counselor.

Monitoring System

Not only do we help to acquire the permits, but we also have a monitoring system in place, as most permits are issued for a limited time period. You will be informed by us in advance about necessary extensions and we will be happy to assist with the renewal.



Each service can be booked separately. Should you need any additional service, we will be happy to organize it for you. To get your customized service package, get in touch which us. We would love to hear from you.


The briefing is an essential part of our destination service. Individual needs and expectations will be identified and managed. To get a good insight about what is needed, your Relocation Counselor will evaluate the key points with you.

Home finding

Arriving in a new city is always a challenge. As a first step to finding a new home the expat will get an orientation of the city he will be moving to and the local environment. Whether it is temporary accommodation, a long term rental or an estate purchase, Relocation Services Strohmayer will advise and accompany the transferee during the whole process of moving into a new residence.

Family Support

We will assist with applications for family and child care allowance, co-insurance or compensation payments of these benefits. Should the employee be moving with kids, our team can help with finding the schools and kindergartens that are most suitable for the whole family’s needs.

Settling in

In order to be able to enjoy the new home immediately instead of dealing with insurances, telecommunication companies, energy suppliers, local registration and other mandatory paperwork needed, Relocation Services Strohmayer will take care of these matters.



To make things as smooth as possible from start to finish, we offer you our assistance every step of the way. All our programs are designed to fit your company’s needs.


An assessment of the contractual obligations has to be done in order to start this process. To execute everything in a timely manner your counselor will determine an exact schedule for the departure.


To ensure that there are no additional costs after the end of the assignment, rental contracts for property and parking spaces have to be cancelled on time. The same applies to insurances, telephone and internet, bank accounts and other memberships acquired during the stay.

Property Return

Handing back property requires a good amount of preparatory work and a lot of negotiation skills. To meet all contractual requirements and to hand back the property in an orderly manner, our Departure Counselor will assist with all matters concerning the real estate.


As a last step in the process the transferee needs to be deregistered with the local authorities. Social services claims and all other contractual obligations acquired during the stay also need cancelling.