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With a passion for communication and human relations I founded Austria’s first Relocation Service office back in 1991. The local authorities had no clue what kind of business license they should give me, so they equipped me with three different ones. I started off with unlimited enthusiasm and the goal to deliver top-notch and personalized service in this newly defined area.

In the mid-nineties I took a great step forward. Moved the office to the Business Park where we are still located today, had 1,5 employees and became a member of TIRA (The International Relocation Associates) and EuRA (European Relocation Association). Now we are a team of fourteen employees with two permanent free-lancers on the side and our office has been certified with the EuRA Quality Seal, an industry equivalent to an ISO certification.

A lot of things have changed. My first mobile phone was big and heavy and the battery in the trunk of my car I could hardly lift. Cell phones turned really small in the following years and now are growing back to a remarkable size. The typical customer in the early 90’s was an employee with a family, the majority of talents now are singles and the number of women relocating has increased. Lately we do not assist with importing horses, sports cars or boats anymore – although we certainly could. The services we offer have altered in accordance with our customers’ needs and have shifted more towards short term assignments with less heavy baggage.

While the business might have changed a lot over the years, the global mobility sector will continue to grow. Our profession will stay challenging, exciting and rewarding. For me it is important to ensure that the personal touch when interacting with our clients will remain.

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This post was written by Erika Strohmayer