Moving People successfully for more than 25 Years

Relocation Services Strohmayer is Austria’s biggest independent Relocation Service Provider.

Since 1991 we accompany our corporate clients and their employees and ensure that they can focus their time on work, family and leisure activities. An employee who doesn’t need to worry about relocation, move 
and authority requirements, is more efficient and able to recharge his/her batteries during spare time. This is beneficial to the entire corporation and the economy.

Our quality of service is the key to making your Global Mobility Program a local success. With over 25 years of experience in the field and over 12000 talents transferred

Relocation Services Strohmayer is your prime partner in Austria.

Erika Strohmayer
Von Erika Strohmayer
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Then and Now

With a passion for communication and human relations I founded Austria's first Relocation Service office back in 1991. The local authorities had no clue what kind of business license they should give me, so they equipped me with three different ones. I started off with unlimited enthusiasm and the goal to deliver top-notch and personalized service in this newly defined area.